COVID-19 News


Hi all. We can now confirm we will be opening adoptions back up on the 8th March! 


This only applies to foster homes with catios, some foaterers will be taking advantage of catios within the team.


  • List of terms for adoptions to go ahead: 

  • Catios with be throughly cleaned before and after visit.

  • Only 1 person to meet the cat/cats

  • Masks to be worn

  • Hand sanitiser provided

  • Social distancing to be adhered too

  • Home checks will be done via video call

  • Rehoming to be done by fosterer taking cat/cats to their new home.


We have 9 pairs and 23 singles that will be going up for adoption. We will be posting these in our Facebook group on Evening and weekends. Please read the welcome post to see how adoptions work if you haven't already done so. Fosterers will be really busy sorting appointments for visit so please don't private message about the cats unless they ask you to do so, this will make their work a little easier.


Thank you all for your support and bearing with us during the lockdown.





​About Us


Yarm Cat Rescue is a home based rescue in Yarm, Teesside. Run on a day to day basis by Janey and her partner Dave. Yarm Cat Rescue has some loyal devoted fundraisers, foster carers and volunteers that work closely with Janey to help raise essential funds to maintain the cats and the rescue.

In 2017 204 cats and kittens were rehomed or part of a TNR program