Chimpy has been with me for just over a year. He came to me on New Year’s Day 2019, following the really sad death of his human. Sadly Chimpy has had some issues, where he disassociated his tail from his body, resulting in him causing significant harm to himself. Working alongside the amazing Tees Vets, we tried several treatments before coming to the conclusion that we would need to remove his tail to stop the self injurious behaviour.


Chimpy endured a lengthy recovery from this procedure and it took hard work and many weeks in a cone for him to heal. Once he was fully healed, and he realised he could not reach his tail anymore, he began to systematically lick the fur off the lower half of his body. At first, Chimpy did this until his skin broke, and then he would move on to another part. This has significantly reduced in recent months, but at times he still does it. We have come to the conclusion that this is a neurological issue and this is just part of him.


Despite all his problems, Chimpy is a very chatty and sociable boy. He likes all of the attention!! He wants to be near you always and I have better conversations with him than most humans!! Chimpy is around 6 years old and has so much to give his potential owners. He needs owners that don’t care about his looks (although I think he is very handsome) and can handle it if he does break his skin (it is very superficial and he heals very fast). He is easy to distract from the licking, he does most damage when you are asleep or at work. That is not to say he is anxious to be alone in any way as you won’t find a more laid back boy.


He is just amazing with kids of all ages and he is fine with my dog. He is great in the company of other cats and he just loves himself a kitten or two to mother.


Chimpy will always have a home here with Kevin and I, coz it feels like he is one of mine anyways, but he deserves the chance of a forever home where he will be as adored as he is here.


Chimpy is neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped. Adoption is subject to fee of £80, home check and adoption agreement.

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Can live with dogs

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